Hattiesburg museum to host November fireside chats


Some prominent local veterans are gathering at a Hattiesburg museum over the next three weekends to host free public discussions on various social and political issues in the nation's history. Several members of the African-American Military History Museum Committee will participate, for the first time, in Saturday fireside chats.  

They'll deal with topics such as the early 20th century migration of black citizens north and the voting rights act. 

Each discussion will begin at 11 a.m. in the museum lobby.  

"Each Saturday, there's a different topic," said Latoya Norman, museum manager for the Hattiesburg Covention Commission. "There's Veterans and the Voting Rights Act, there's the Serviceman and the Spirit. There are really great topics and these veterans, they know first-hand about everything they're speaking on, so, it's going to be very interesting," she said.  

Meanwhile, the museum will also host a first-ever Halloween event for families. It's called, "Booseum" and it'll feature a costume contest and spooky tour. It runs from 5-7 p.m. on Friday.