Palazzo calls President Obama "poor leader" on ISIS, Ebola

Palazzo calls President Obama "poor leader" on ISIS, Ebola

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - United States Representative Steven Palazzo (R- MS 4th Dist.) visited Hattiesburg Tuesday for the third annual Youth Leadership Summit at the University of Southern Mississippi.

With five days left before voters head to the polls, Palazzo also spoke about the campaign and his disapproval of President Barack Obama's handle on recent situations.

"I think it would be similar to not just how he handled ISIL, but how he's handling Ebola, how he's handled Benghazi. I think he's somewhat of a poor leader," said Palazzo, who faces four opponents on Tuesday.

Palazzo was elected to Congress in 2010 and is the favorite in his re-election campaign.

"People are appreciative of the prior four years, keeping the administration accountable and know that we're going to go up there and continue working for them," he said.

Palazzo said the most important item on his agenda is to grow the economy on "conservative principles."

"Lets' make the tax code more fair, put more money in individuals pockets, and let's stop the number one obstacle to job creation, and that's our unelected bureaucrats who are churning out regulation after regulation that's affecting every industry and affecting the lives of every american," he said.

The general election is Tuesday, November 4.