Moselle Elementary fundraising to help zoo purchase flamingos

Moselle Elementary fundraising to help zoo purchase flamingos

MOSELLE, MS (WDAM) - Although it's been alittle more than 3 weeks, students at Moselle Elementary School still can'tbelieve that someone would go into The Hattiesburg Zoo and steal a flamingo. Ontop of that, they were devastated after they found out that not one but two flamingoshad died from this incident.

“I felt sad and I was wonderingwhy they would do that,” said Moselle Jr. Beta Club member Autumn Henderson.  

“I felt like the guyshouldn't of done that and it was really sad that the birds died,” said MoselleJr. Beta Club member Mackenzie Golemon.

The Moselle Jr. Beta Clubdecided to turn a negative situation into a positive one and have startedselling pink wristbands for $5 in order to help the zoo

“I was sad about theflamingos but I was excited that our school was doing something about it tohelp fundraise money to buy a new pair,” said Moselle Jr. Beta Club memberHaleigh Reid.  

“It makes me feel good andI think it's great that we do so many fundraisers to help our school and ourcommunity,” said Moselle Jr. Beta Club member Abigayle Triggs.  

“We have currently raised $619and in four days, we sold out in four days,” said Moselle Jr. Beta Club sponsorTiffany Sanford.  

The beta club is followingtheir motto of “Let us lead by serving others” and hope that their communityservice project will make a difference.

"The Hattiesburg Zoo issomething that all of our students have been a part of,” said Sanford. “They'vevisited with their families and friends, they've gone on field trips fromMoselle Elementary to the zoo and it was just something that touched theirhearts and it was close to home.”

Although they have soldout of the wristbands, the school will soon be getting some more in.

“They can just stop byMoselle Elementary School and come into the office and tell them that theywould like to purchase a pink wristband and we'll be glad to get them one,”said Sanford.

The school will be sellingthe pink wristbands until November 12. 

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