Lamar Co. Superintendent candidates counting down the days until the election

Lamar Co. Superintendent candidates counting down the days until the election

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Election Day is less than a week away and superintendent candidates for Lamar County School District are asking citizens to exercise their American right and vote on Tuesday, November 4.

Interim Superintendent Tess Smith is facing the district's Director of Student Services, Wayne Folkes. The two said that this is a friendly race.

“Our sons are friends and we've worked together for 23 years,” said Tess Smith, Superintendent candidate.

“I have nothing but great respect for her, in what she has accomplished as a teacher, counselor, and administrator throughout her years,” said Wayne Folkes, superintendent candidate.

Folkes also has many years in education; 31 years to be exact. Both said they believe their educational backgrounds have prepared them to oversee the 16 schools in one of the fastest growing counties.

“This is actually my 150


day on the job and I did a lot of training with Dr.Burnett before, so I feel very prepared for the job,” said Smith. “In my opinion, things are going well in the district.”

“A lot of things that I've seen have prepared me to be a candidate for this,” said Folkes.

Regardless of the outcome, they both said they will continue to put their hearts into the Lamar County School District.

“I hope it will be in my favor, but I am going to support Lamar County Schools and Lamar County School District. It has given a lot to me and my family and I really appreciate that, and the fine people that have helped me along the way. I want to continue that and do plan to serve. That is one thing that I would like to do,” said Folkes.

“I have been blessed by this district, 23 years. I mean I want to stay in this district regardless of what job I may be doing. Like I said when I was first appointed, I would do this job to the best of my ability for as long as I was allowed, and that means through this election,” said Smith.