McDaniel still in conversations one week before Senate race

McDaniel still in conversations one week before Senate race

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Four months have passed since state Senator Chris McDaniel lost to incumbent United States Senator Thad Cochran in what has been called a nasty Republican primary runoff, yet McDaniel's name still appears in conversations surrounding next week's general election.

"There's a lot of talk going around right now about republicans, what's going on right now in November, and, of course, the supreme court challenge," said Jones County Republicans chairman Lew Yoder.

to a judge's decision that said he did not file an election challenge, which claimed Cochran stole the race by cross over votes, in time for his case to be heard.

A quick scroll through social media shows that some folks are upset about McDaniel's loss and the high court's ruling, but it begs the question: are they upset enough to vote Cochran out of office by crossing over to vote for democratic candidate Travis Childers?

"I think and I hope, I believe, people will support Senator Cochran," explained Yoder. "I do not think and do not believe that republicans in Jones county are going to cross over and vote for a democratic candidate."

With one week left to campaign,

but not at the 50 percent mark. Both Cochran and Childers have said time and time again, the focus is on November 4th- not on what was, at the time, pending litigation from McDaniel.

Although McDaniel is not a candidate this time around, some have said they're eyes are set on 2015 for the state senator.

"I think his name ID is much bigger than it was last time that he ran for office, so I think there's a possibility for him to make a go for it again on the state-wide level," said Yoder.