New technology for Jones County School District

New technology for Jones County School District

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Tuesday marked the fifth anniversary of Nathan Key's death. Five-year-old Nathan was killed when a driver passed the school bus he was getting off.

Nathan's Law has been passed by the Mississippi Legislature to enforce the punishment of driving near school buses. The bill states that any driver of a vehicle that meets a school bus that is stopped for the purpose of receiving or discharging any school children must come to a complete stop at least 10 feet from the bus and the driver should not proceed until the children have crossed the street and the school bus has resumed motion, the flashing red lights are turned off and the hand-operated stop sign is retracted.

To enforce the law, the Jones County school district is adding a camera to every school bus that will photograph tag information of drivers who pass a stopped school bus.

Lori Key, his mother, has worked to raise awareness of school buses and the importance of stopping for children.

"I just hope that the community understands that with these systems that are in place now and people realize that cameras are out here now, we have them, and it's not going to be a 'I may get caught if I pass' these systems are collectively getting information that we need so if you pass… you're going to get caught," Key said.

Gov. Phil Bryant showed his support by speaking with local officials and children. Bryant said the goal of the cameras are to save lives.

"If you'll look over 400,000 children are transported to and from school each day on school buses," Bryant said. "Three thousand to 5000 incidents occur where people illegally pass school buses so what it means is that these cameras will let people know they will be detected, they know they will pay a fine, that we will hold them accountable and that will hopefully deter anyone from doing something as irresponsible as passing a school bus and endangering a child's life."

The cameras are scheduled to be installed immediately, according to the superintendent for the Jones County School District.