City of Petal will celebrate Halloween a day early

City of Petal will celebrate Halloween a day early

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - The city of Petal has decided to move their Halloween celebration from Friday 31


to Thursday 30


due to Petal High School's football game.

Petal mayor Hal Marx says, “I think most people realize it's not a federal or state holiday that has to be on one particular day it can be changed for whatever reason, some days we change it because um it falls on Sunday and we don't want to have trick or treating on Sunday or maybe if it's on a Wednesday night for church we've changed it for different reasons…. This year though just happens to be on a football night.”

Most members of the community think this is a good idea, because many residents will not be at home to give the kids candy because they will be at the game, but not everyone thinks it's a good idea to change tradition. Petal resident William McCaleb says, “I don't like it. To me, trick or treating is over at six they game don't start til seven I think they still could fit it in there somehow for the kids to do it like on Halloween or even have the game on Saturday I think they should do it for the kids more than anything.”

Kids are still free to trick or treat on Friday as well, which means some kids will be able to get candy both days.

Petal High plays Forest Hill at 7:00pm.