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Joe's Viewpoint: What's the hurry

Joe's Viewpoint: What's the hurry


I think many of us would agree that we are in a big hurry these days. But I have found that some people think they're in a bigger hurry than others. I think this is most apparent in the way people drive. There is a signal light on highway 98 where I have witnessed people continuing to make a left turn once the light turns red. Please excuse the video you about to see as I took it with my cell phone. As you can see the signal lights facing the on-coming traffic turns green and people continue to make the turn. I watched this for five cycles of the light yesterday and it happened three times. Where are these people going in such a hurry if they're willing to risk their lives and the lives of others to get there? A Hattiesburg police officer needs to only spend one afternoon at this light and he could give out dozens of tickets.

This is today's viewpoint.

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