Oak Grove High School receives state of the art therapy equipment

Oak Grove High School receives state of the art therapy equipment

Oak Grove is one of two high schools in the country that have a Grimm Hydrotherapy System. The system consists of two tubs, one holds hot water and the other holds cold.

"We use mostly the cold for recovery, it reduces pain, reduces some swelling, and increases range of motion in chronic therapy," said Kevin Mauldin, Oak Grove athletic trainer

Oak Grove's athletic trainer Mauldin says that a few hundred student athletes have already benefited from the hydrotherapy system.

We keep our athletes in the whirlpool for 10 to 12 minutes. Sometimes 15 minutes, but never more than that, " said Mauldin.

The whirlpool like unit is used by many NFL and college teams. This is why NFL MVP and Super Bown Champion quarterback Brett Farve was able to help make this possible. 

After the February 2013 tornado Favre made an effort to help rebuild the school's athletic facilities. In his efforts, he asked Mauldin to call the head athletic trainer of the Packers, Peppers Burruss. Burruss told Mauldin that he was very familiar with the Grimm CRYOTherm Hydrotherapy system and he suggested it for Oak Grove. 

Farve then spoke to the president and CEO of Grimm Scientific industries about what he was doing to help Oak Grove High School. Quickly after, Mauldin said that they had made a deal. 

"Hattiesburg clinic donated some money for athletic training supplies, and that is where the funds came from for this whirlpool," said Mauldin.

The timing could not have been more perfect. The hydosystem was installed on September 10 in the field house, which the team had just moved into after using a temporary one following the tornado.