William Carey institutes Ebola awareness plan

William Carey institutes Ebola awareness plan

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - As the Ebola viruscontinues to unfold, William Carey is taking precautions and has institutedspecific awareness and prevention plans for the university.

“There's just greatconcerns right now with Ebola, we see it in the twenty-four hour news cycle andits raised some concerns and we just want to be proactive,” said William CareyUniversity Associate Dean of pre-clinical sciences Dr. Italo Subbarao.  

The university said theyare increasing their communication with students, faculty and staff about thesymptoms of the virus and are also monitoring students and employees who travelto affected areas upon returning to campus.

“We're informing ourfaculty and students about the CDC website which is providing very up-to-dateinformation on the topic and we're engaging with students and faculty atvarious sessions,” said Dr. Subbarao.  

Dr. Subbarao said it is veryunlikely that a student at William Carey will become sick from Ebola, but if infact that does happen, the university has a plan in place for that.

“We would notify the localpublic health authorities, we of course would inform the student to getevaluated by a physician and then from our perspective we would take a look atand work with the local health department to take a look at any contacts thatmay have been made on campus,” said Dr. Subbarao.  

The university said theywant to ensure the community that they are raising awareness on the virus andtaking precautionary measures.

“We want to take thatproactive stance to ensure the public that and the parents that we're doing allthat we can to monitor this situation and provide the best resources we can toour students and faculty,” said Dr. Subbarao.

The university will also present remarks on the virus during their weeklychapel service Wednesday.

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