Trick r' Treat safety tips

Trick r' Treat safety tips

Richard Schwartz and McGroff have paired up again, just in time for Halloween! They are traveling across the state of Mississippi to give Trick R' Treat safety tips. Today the team stopped by Oak Grove Lower Elementary.

"I just want everyone to have a safe Halloween this year," said Richard Schwartz, Attorney

Schwartz says that the kids enjoy seeing their friend McGruff and they seem to get smarter and smarter every year by remembering these important tips:

1. Always bring your parents with you

2. Watch out for cars at night time when you are going to trick or treat

3. Make sure your parents check the candy

4. Always bring a flashlight on Halloween so people can see you

All 725 students in the assembly will bring home a reflecting candy bag to ensure safety.

"Making the children promise to myself and McGruff that they would use them and be safe," said Schwartz

At the assembly the importance of parent involvement and participation on Halloween was also stressed. Schwartz and McGroff will continue on to Greenville tomorrow.