SPAS helps with overcrowding at neighboring shelter

SPAS helps with overcrowding at neighboring shelter

A Hattiesburg animal shelter is pitching in to help relieve overcrowding at a Pearl River County rescue facility following the seizure Monday of dozens of dogs that were allegedly being hoarded at a home in Picayune. The folks at Southern Pines Animal Shelter have taken in 13 dogs that were not related to that seizure, giving the Pearl River County SPCA more room to care for the 76 Australian cattle dogs that were taken by law enforcement.

Two people are facing multiple charges of animal cruelty and neglect in connection with that case.

The 13 dogs taken in will be transported next week to partner shelters in other states.

"We were happy to not only help our neighbors, but also to help create some space, create a little bit of room to breathe for these animals that are already in stressful situations sometimes," said Ginny Sims, manager of Southern Pines Animal Shelter.

Southern Pines Animal Shelter is also looking for families to provide foster care for 60 other dogs that they have.