South Mississippi Fair opens Friday

South Mississippi Fair opens Friday

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The day before the South MississippiFair is all about details.

“We've got the finishingtouches, we've got to put on everything, polishing everything up, cleaning allthe booths, there's still a few rides that we're finishing up,” said ExecutiveDirector Carrie Byrd. “Everybody is running around trying to get everythingstocked and ready.”

The gates will open at 3 p.m.Friday and the rides will start at 5 p.m. This Friday and the next is MidnightMadness.

“We'll be open until 1 a.m.,we're hoping to get the football crowd,” said Byrd. “After you go out and enjoythe local football games come on down to the fair and enjoy the fair.”

Aside from enjoying therides, there will be plenty of entertainment as well.

“We've got greatentertainment on the stage, we've got some great bands,” said Byrd.

Parking is free andadmission is $5.

“We have a $20 armbandduring the week and a $25 armband during the weekends,” said Byrd.

There will be plenty offood and exhibits to enjoy as well.

“We've got the sea lionsback this year, they're always a crowd pleaser, we've got the magician show theywill be here, the pig races, we've got the petting zoo,” said Byrd.  

The 95th addition of the SouthMississippi Fair will be from October 17 - 25. The gates open at noon on theweekends.