Lamar County K-9 training day

Lamar County K-9 training day
K-9 Training

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Lamar County deputies spent the day training with their K-9 partners during a routine training day.

K-9 officers and their crime fighting side-kicks tested their skills Thursday by trying out various obstacles during a routine training day.

"Like anything else with an officer you have them having to be proficient and train with the firearms and other things that we carry, and the same thing with the K-9, if you don't train with them they kind of lose it," said Lamar County Sheriff's Dept. Maj. Brad Weathers.

Officers and their K-9s ran through courses searching for evidence, suspects, live gun-fire simulation, and various handling exercises to meet their monthly requirements for training.

"Think about a county of our size, almost 500 square miles, at any given time we could have four, four or five deputies working that entire space and it's good to have a backup in their vehicle to where if something happens and they get in a bind they can use that as a tool to help them out," said Weathers.

The K-9s not only provide a valuable element of protection, but also are responsible for helping recover drugs and money throughout the area.

"We have a lot of success with our K-9s; we have seized in excess of $1.5 million in cash from their work not only on the interstate but on county roads and out of houses," said Weathers. "They have also seized millions and millions of dollars of narcotics from traffic stops and search warrants."

The county operates with five K-9 units and requests come in quite frequently from other areas to utilize their services.

"We have other jurisdictions that call us, surrounding agencies, local and federal agencies that call and utilize our dogs for not only narcotics searches but also for tracking and stuff of that nature," said Weathers.