Facebook community leads to location of stolen vehicle

Facebook community leads to location of stolen vehicle

J.D. Pace and Patrick Harrell were locking up Pace Auto Sales a few weeks ago when a man approached them and requested to test drive a truck. Harrell says the man's behavior "just wasn't right," but he agreed to the test drive anyway.

Harrell remembers the man reiterating how much he loved the truck, and how "he just had to have it."

When the men returned to the dealership, the test driver handed Harrell a set of keys. Harrell didn't think the key might've been replaced with another one while he wasn't looking. The owner had an eerie feeling about the man's behavior, so Pace decided to drive to the dealership minutes after everyone parted ways. That's when he noticed the truck was missing.

"It was gone."

That's when Pace and Harrell decided to seek their Facebook followers for help. They posted asking the community for help. The post on their dealership Facebook climbed to 1,555 shares within a matter of days. A A few days after the incident, they received a phone call from two of their Facebook fans who work at an auto shop in Downtown Jackson, MS.

"They said they believed they were looking at the truck we were missing."

Turns out, it was the vehicle.

They called 911, Jackson Police rushed to the scene, the suspect fled, but police retrieved the truck, and it was returned to Pace Auto.

"To have that many people participate in trying to get back something really have no incentive to do so, other than just doing the right thing... It was pretty remarkable," Harrell recalls.

The two men who spotted the vehicle ask to remain anonymous.