Happy 92nd Birthday to a War World II Veteran

Happy 92nd Birthday to a War World II Veteran

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - On Wednesday, James Davis turned 92 years young. He is a War World II veteran that has traveled the world accumulating hundreds of stories to tell anyone that would like to listen.

"I imagine that I can tell a few stories," said James Davis

His favorite please to tell his stories is over a cup of coffee at food court of the Turtle Creek Mall.

"Turtle Creek mall, it's a family institution. to me it is. i just love it to death," said Davis

One of his favorite stories starts with him leaving for war at the young age of 18 during the summer of 1942. He served as a machine gunner in Casablanca, Morocco and then in Paris, France.

"At 92 you have a lot of life experience and you can relate to so many people," said Ramona Holmes, daughter of Davis

His admirers and loved ones say that he has a fine sense of humor, sweet heart, and is always ending his tales with how the Lord has really blessed his life.

"He is just a blessing, we love him," said Dina Yager, Turtle Creek Mall Security Director

His birthday nash was one big surprise including that seven on your side was interviewing him for it.

"Oh my goodness, well help there channel 7, where have you been? I love it," said Davis

We at the station wish you, James Davis, the biggest happy birthday!

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