Homeless man needs medical help

Homeless man needs medical help

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Friends say the issue is not that Tony Taylor is homeless. They say that he has been living in the woods for quite some time, but an accident has changed his life for the worse.

This past May, Taylor was hit by a car on Broadway drive and medevaced to Jackson for surgery. He has received a significant amount of medical treatment. One being physical rehabilitation teaching him how to get in and out of his wheelchair.

Before being injured Taylor was a mechanic, "I'm a mechanic, I work on anything that has wheels or tracks, but right now I can't do it because i can't stand up," said Taylor

His most recent visit to the emergency room ended with him being discharged to the Salvation Army with a catheter and wounds. Michael Dixon said upon Taylor's arrival the Salvation Army said they did not have the necessities to help him medically.

"He had an open wound on that side for a long time. when he was in the hospital he had to stay off of it and couldn't lay on that side. Just like the Salvation Army the house of hope doesn't have medical care." said Michael Dixon, board member house of hope

Taylor says that he is supposed to be getting his catheter out in Jackson come November. Friends are worried that he will not even make till then.

"He is going to die in the woods soon if someone doesn't do something," said Dixon 

The house of hope is seeking compassion for Taylor. They say he is vulnerable from his injuries, catheter, and wounds. They also hope for temporary medicaid and or disability to get him in a facility that can help him. 

To help please contact The House of Hope Ministries at 601-336-0574 or click HERE to contact them on facebook

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