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Joe's Viewpoint: Flamingo death incident

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Tomorrow marks a week since the break in at the Hattiesburg Zoo which resulted in the death of two of the zoo's flamingos. So far, one man has been charged with grand larceny, two counts of animal cruelty and trespassing. All of this stemming from what appears to have started as a fraternity prank. It is unfortunate that Southern Miss has been caught up in the national attention stemming from this bizarre story. And, the comments on our Facebook page suggest that people are outraged over the actions of this individual. Now a video has surfaced from the suspect in which he raps about the incident. This is shameful.

When crazy things happen, like this, we so often look for an external cause or something to blame. Let's be sure to keep the blame on those individuals who decided that breaking into the zoo and then harming an innocent animal was a good idea to start with. This fraternity prank has certainly changed the life on one person who appears to make poor personal choices.

This is today's viewpoint.

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