Severe weather preparedness

Severe weather preparedness

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Emergency Management District has been in communication with the weather service to try and get a handle on what they think the impacts will be for the Pine Belt.

“We are expecting to see the most severe weather sometime around Six or Seven o'clock,” said Kyle Hopkins, Emergency Management District Operation Officer

Seven on your Sides weather team are reminding citizens of the Pine Belt to be prepared. The Pine Belt is expecting thunderstorms with front line winds that could exceed 60 miles per hour, possible hail, and tornadoes.

The Emergency Management District stressed the importance of always being aware of the weather conditions in hopes of continuing to build a culture of preparedness.

“If you go back to February of last year when we had the tornado, it was just a typical Sunday that turned into a severe tornado in Hattiesburg. So again it's being prepared,” said Hopkins

Hopkins continued to mention that they do not expect to have a lot of bad weather because the majority of it will be north the Pine Belt, but we could see the impacts. If you do not need to be traveling, please try to stay inside.

To help protect your family and pets against the severe weather please have these essential in your home: Batteries, Flashlights, Nonperishable food, water and a battery operated radio.

In addition, to the essentials here is a list from

of other items to make a weather disaster as comfortable as possible:

Water· 3 gallons/person, minimum, in a food-grade, plastic container· Additional water for sanitationFoodMinimum three-day supply of non-perishable food that requires no refrigeration or preparation and little or no water.· Dry cereal· Peanut butter· Canned fruits· Canned vegetables· Canned juice· Ready-to-eat canned meats· Ready-to-eat soups (not concentrated)· Quick energy snacks, graham crackersFirst aid kitCreate one for your home and one for each car.Family medical needs· Insulin· Prescription drugs· Denture needs· Extra eye glasses· Contact lenses and supplies· Heart and high blood pressure medication