Jones County judge speaks out about investigation

Jones County judge speaks out about investigation

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Judge Billy Joe Landrum is finally speaking out publicly about the audit done by the state auditor and the investigation that he is currently undergoing.

"It's kind of like when Hitler says 'you tell a little lie it don't mean a thing, you tell a big lie tell it over and over and over people begin to believe it,' I hope that they are sophisticated to set that aside cause that's just rhetoric, it's a lie," said Judge Landrum.

Judge Landrum said the state auditor is making false allegations about him in attempt to influence the counties judicial election. During a Jones County Republican Women Meeting Wednesday, one resident asked the judge a question regarding the investigation on him and the community service program.

"Why would the Mississippi State Auditor's Office with all of the other 81 counties to look after stay focused on the Jones County circuit judge's campaign," asked resident Bill Loving.  

"The books are just like they were, we started 17 years ago, just like they are today, we're operating on the same program, we haven't changed a thing and I don't know how they would change anything," said Judge Landrum.  

Judge Landrum said he only makes suggestions for the community service program, but that is all.

"The board of supervisors they take care of the program, we turn the money in and the only way it can get out is for them to let the chancery clerk write the check, I have nothing to do with that program," said Judge Landrum.

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