ABC's Quinones speaks at PRCC Honors Lecture Series

ABC's Quinones speaks at PRCC Honors Lecture Series

A network news anchor who had humble beginnings in South Texas shared his "can do" message Thursday night with students at Pearl River Community College. John Quinones, co-anchor of the ABC news magazine


spoke at the Honors Lecture Series and also met with students and faculty Thursday afternoon.

He talked about the power of education.

Quinones was born to a Spanish-speaking family in San Antonio and didn't learn English until grade school, but went on to get a master's degree at Columbia University.

"I want these kids to know that if I could do it as a Mexican kid growing up in San Antonio, didn't speak English and I can make it to network television, anything is possible in this great country of ours," Quinones said. "It doesn't matter how tough their upbringing is, what areas of the country they live in, how much money their parents make," he said.

Quinones attended junior college before transferring to a university to complete his undergraduate studies.