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Hattiesburg employee health clinic saving city money

 Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree says the recently opened health clinic for city employees and their dependents is already saving the city a lot of money. 

The clinic opened in September and in that short period of time the savings to the city has been around $35,000. The clinic is located on West 4th street. It's staffed by a nurse practitioner, a medical technician, and a recptionist. It includes a triage room, two examine rooms, and a lab. Use of the clinic is restricted to city employees, their dependents, and retired city employees.

"In three weeks we've seen about 300 people in our clinic, it costs about $29,000 a month to do that," said Dupree. "Those 300 employees that went to the clinic, insurance that would have to been paid is about $70,000, so the city actually had saved about $35,000."

Dupree added that over a year's time the saving would add up to about $400,000.

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