Transportation federal funding program approved by Hattiesburg City Council

Transportation federal funding program approved by Hattiesburg City Council

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - On Tuesday, the

Hattiesburg City Council

approved a transportation federal funding program that will help low income residents in the metropolitan area get where they need to go at anytime.

An almost $370,000 federal job access reverse commute fund has been approved by the council. This means an approved low-income resident can be picked up from an origin taken where they need to go and then returned to where they were by using a reverse voucher. 

"This is something that people have been asking for quiet some time. How can we create a program where we can after hour service, this will help that," said Johnny Dupree, Mayor of Hattiesburg

Mayor Dupree


in terms of applying for grants


this has been a short but victorious turn around for the metropolitan area. It is a two year program, a 50 percent match and is based on what the city has already procreated so there is no additional funding.

The city council is hopeful that the program will kick off within the next two months. Steps until then include working through the criteria. Advertisement approval at the next council meeting and then transportation carriers or taxi services will have the opportunity to apply to be a part of the voucher program.


, low income residents will apply to to use the vouchers.

"It is a necessity; you can't make a living without having transportation. The work is away from home, no you do still have people that work from home but there are children that need to be transported, you still have to go to the grocery store, you have to go to the doctor, so transportation is essential,"



When the time comes


Dupree sa


that the application period for those that want to participate will most likely be online, in person


the MPO department


at the Train Depot Downtown and at outpost on university campuses.