Pink Up Special Report: Laurel breast cancer survivor tells her story

Pink Up Special Report: Laurel breast cancer survivor tells her story

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - In 2013, Faye Jackson's father was having breast pains.

"We took him to the heart doctor, they ordered him a mammogram," said Jackson. "When they ordered his mammogram he wasn't going to go so I decided to go with him."

Jackson said she agreed to take a mammogram to support her father, but at the last minute decided not to take the test. She said her friend called her afterwards to encourage her to take one.

"Jenny called me and said 'Your mammogram is six months overdue.' after I found that out I told her 'Well go on and schedule me one.' She scheduled it for that Wednesday," said Jackson.

Jackson said it was exactly two days later after her mammogram test that she received the call.

"Whoever the lady was said 'Is this Faye Jackson?' I said 'Yes it is', she said 'Well I hate to inform you but you have cancer', I just dropped everything I was doing and just started screaming," said Jackson.

She said she immediately went to the doctor's office. After having a biopsy done, Jackson was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. In May of 2013, she began taking chemo.

"Chemo was my only lifeline, it's what's going to keep me alive and you never forget or ask is it going to work, is this going to help me," said Jackson.

Her question was answered five months later.

"As of October the 24th 2013 I got to ring the bell because I had completed my chemo," said Jackson.

Jackson has been cancer free ever since, but there is one question she'll probably never get an answer to. She still doesn't know who called her to tell her she had breast cancer. She said the doctor's office claims they never called her.

"It was an unknown number, it said unknown, I guess it was God," said Jackson.  

As for her father, he's hasn't had that breast pain since he first felt it.

"In the same exact place that my daddy expressed that his was, that's exactly the spot where my cancer was," said Jackson.  

Jackson thanks her friend for getting her to take her mammogram and she encourages everyone to do the same. She encourages all  who are facing breast cancer to be strong.

"Don't give up, I promise you you'll get through it, you'll make it, but you have to be willing to fight," said Jackson.