Wayne County citizen concerned about submerged pylons

Wayne County citizen concerned about submerged pylons

A Wayne County man believes parts of pylons from a dismantled bridge on the Chickasawhay River on Highway 84 East near Waynesboro in the late 90's are now an accident waiting to happen.

Bobby  Touchstone lives a long the river and he says the pylons are a danger to both boaters and swimmers. The pylons were left behind when the bridge was taken down when the new bridge was built.

"I've brought this to the attention of the board of supervisors," said Touchstone. " They assured me they were going to go to the Mississippi Department of Transportation. I also have been to the M-DOT and they don't want to work for the citizens of Mississippi."

District Four supervisor Ed Pitts says he has not seen the pylons and he also said it's not a county problem, it's a M-DOT problem. A M-DOT spokesperson said the pylons were removed to two-feet below the existing mud line which was what was called for in the permit at the time. He said since then nature has taken its course and what exists now is the result of nature or other events that took place over the years.

Touchstone says he wants something to get done about the problem before someone gets hurt or killed.

"I want those beams removed out of the reviser before we fish someone's loved one out of the river."

M-DOT says they are not required to do anything further to remove the pylons.