67-pound diabetic boy allegedly struck twice by bus driver

67-pound diabetic boy allegedly struck twice by bus driver

A Waynesboro family is seeking justice after their son called them on Wednesday morning with some disturbing news.

"He called me he was crying and said his bus driver put his hands with him," Tonkanika Kittler said.

Tonkanika and her eldest son immediately went to pick up the child from school.

"He's very sick," said Tonkanika.

"He has Type 1 diabetes, asthma, seizures and he was born premature at 2 pounds and 3 ounces."

She says when her 11 year-old son got on the bus for the morning route to Waynesboro Middle School, her son was struck once in the chest and once in the back of the head by his bus driver.

"His name (the bus driver) is Shawn McCoy," Kittler said.

"Bus number 00-70."

The child's mother and brother say the incident was caught on bus surveillance tape.

"(After seeing the video), it was complete shock, anger, hurt," said the boy's brother.

They say Principal Tyrone Marshall showed them the footage.

"They charged him with assault, he hasn't been arrested yet, because they say there's no judge in town to sign the warrant but I feel like he should be charged with felony child abuse."

The school suspended the bus driver for a week.

After attempting to contact superintendent Ben Graves multiple times, he responded to calls in a fax:

"This is a personnel issue and I cannot comment on any details about this incident... The bus driver has been suspended off the bus route while the matter is being investigated," Graves wrote.

The Waynesboro Police Chief could not be contacted for comment.