Real estate agents take precautions

Realtor Beverly Carter of Arkansas was found dead Tuesday after she disappeared while showing a home. Arron Lewis is currently in custody by local authorities and suspected of kidnapping and murdering the agent.

Locally, many have wondered about the safety of realtors as they show their homes. Basic safety procedures such as common meeting places and proper identification helps keep everyone safe.

Jocelyn Raimey, president of the Hattiesburg Area Association of Realtors says," It really is imperative that agents have buyer clients or buyer prospects, have those individuals meet them in their offices for that initial meeting so that not only does that agent feel a sense of comfort but being able to meet them but we also have the opportunity for other member of our staff within the office to see who they are out with and also making sure that everybody is aware of where we are."

The Association of Realtors is also working with local law enforcement agencies to provide addition safety tips.