Jeff Davis County drug trial continues

Gulfport, MS (WDAM) - Day three involving three Jefferson Davis County men facing a multi-count indictment on federal drug charges continued with additional witness testimony at the Dan M. Russell Jr. United States Courthouse in Gulfport.

Kentorre Hall, a/k/a-Toto, Roger Randale Jones, a/k/a-Hitman, and Martel Torres Barnes, a/k/a-Marty Mar were all present in the courtroom as testimony continued.

The government's first witness was Audria Robins. Robins testified to knowing defendants Barnes and Hall. Robins' testimony revealed that she purchased a semi-automatic .22 rifle from Academy Sports as a gift for Mikell Gardner. She stated that her spouse, Dennis Smith, told her to. She also was questioned about Hall's use of a cell phone and his ability to use it for communicating with people.

A recalled witness, Melvin Fairman, a/k/a-Dog Man took the stand next. Fairman stated the previous day he was nervous during his testimony, but was less nervous today.

He also testified that he sometimes received up to a quarter pound of meth from Hall with a value of around $1,600.

Fairman was also questioned about his knowledge of the Vice Lord gang, and also stated that he knew Hall as a Vice Lord. Fairman was questioned if he ever asked Hall if he was scared of people, or something happening. Fairman stated Hall's reply was no, because "the vampires come out at night time." In Fairman's interpretation of what this meant, he stated, "killers I guess."

The eighth witness was Crystal Heggins, 28, who only knew defendant Hall. Crystal stated how much she cared for Hall, and alluded to them actually "talking heavy" at one point. As her testimony continued, she broke down on the witness stand and began crying, having to briefly stop to collect herself.

According to Crystal, she never saw any meth, or used any meth, but she did clarify how Hall used a cell phone, and the purposes he used it for.

The ninth witness called by the government was David Heggins, 34, who also only knows defendant Hall. David stated he got meth from the Cedar Grove residence about eight to 10 times, usually an 8-ball (3.5 grams) with a value of about $200.

The tenth witness was Kayla Brewer, 26, who met Hall through David Heggins at the Cedar Grove residence.  Brewer testified about the multiple times she went to the Cedar Grove residence and about only ever purchasing 8-balls. She also testified to Hall being able to use his cell phone with his hands and mouth.

The eleventh witness was Justin Knight, 28, who only knows Hall, through his wife, Kalie Holsen. Knight also testified about Hall using a cell phone with his lip.

The twelfth witness was Michael Sullivan, 31, who also only knows defendant Hall. Sullivan testified about speaking with Hall about the weight of a bag of crystal meth with a value of around $1,600.

The thirteenth witness to take the stand was Amy Drennan, 30, who knows defendants Barnes and Hall. She stated she was introduced to meth by Joseph McDonald, who is not alive anymore. Drennan laid the foundation in testimony to call the government's next witness.

Rustie Smith, 43, was the next fourteenth witness called to the stand. Smith stated she wanted to pay a debt her friend, Kevin owed to Hall. However when she went to settle the score, she left with a bag of meth with a value of around $900.

She returned to the Cedar Grove residence, with Amy Drennon, because she was short money to pay Hall, her reasoning for taking Drennon was that "she would sleep with people to get drugs, or for whatever was needed."

The fifteenth witness was Kevin Sims, 34, who knows Hall through a mutual friend. Sims testified that he made probably eight to 10 trips to Cedar Grove, where he left with usually two to four ounces at a time. The total amount speculated by prosecutor Annette Williams was around 20 to 30 ounces valued at about $2,000 an ounce.

During Sims' cross examination, the defense asked has he used drugs today.

To which Sims replied, yes I used crystal around 11:00 a.m. this morning while driving here (federal court). His testimony was questioned by the defense, along with his statements he made.

On re-direct Williams established that Sims was related to Joseph McDonald who had previously gone missing. Sims was unable to pin down a time frame of the events, even when reminded of the time frame that McDonald's body was found.

The sixteenth witness was Leroy Brown, who is a bail bondsman, minister, and truck driver who at one point cared for/ looked after Roger "Hitman" Jones. Brown was questioned about interviews with 15th Circuit District Attorney Criminal Investigator Larry Moore, and Mississippi Bureau of Investigations Agent Jimmy Herzog about the location of Jones in early 2012.

The next witness called was the wife of Leroy, Patricia Brown, who also helped raise Jones. Throughout her testimony she kept stating that after Jones got out of prison he went to Hattiesburg to stay with Kristin, but could not say how she knew it, or who told her.

Patricia also stated she does not remember giving a statement to Larry Moore and Jimmy Herzog about Jones staying with Hall after he got out of prison. Patricia continued to raise her voice, cutting off prosecutor Williams as she continued to question her testimony.

It was stated that Patricia and Jones recently had a conversation, via a prison phone, that discussed where he stayed, and where he didn't stay. Patricia continued to argue that the conversation did not contain anything about that.

The prosecutor then began to play a disc of an audio recording from a prison telephone.

Day four is expected to begin, with Patricia back on the stand Thursday morning at 9:00.