Federal Drug trial continues for 3 Jeff Davis County men

Gulfport, MS (WDAM) - Day two involving three Jefferson Davis County men facing a multi-count indictment on federal drug charges continued with witness testimony at the Dan M. Russell Jr. United States Courthouse in Gulfport.

Kentorre Hall, a/k/a-Toto, Roger Randale Jones, a/k/a-Hitman, and Martel Torres Barnes, a/k/a-Marty Mar were all present in the courtroom as the trial continued.

The government's first witness that took the stand was Sgt. Dennis Smith of the Covington County Sheriff's Department. Smith's involvement was the December 7, 2012 arrest of one of the government's key witnesses, Kalie Holsen.

Smith testified to the plastic baggie that he found on Holsen that contained a white crystal substance. At the time of her arrest, her cell phone, and the substance were seized.

The government's second witness that took the stand was Kalie Holsen, 22. Holsen detailed her past along with when she first began "shooting meth". "When you shoot meth, anything you have in the world that is hurting you goes away," said Holsen.

Holsen admitted to using marijuana, pills, cocaine and meth; however meth was her drug of choice.

Holsen first met Kentorre Hall at a Hattiesburg Miss. Apartment in 2009, and by 2010 she began to get drugs from him. It was over the course of the next two years that Holsen's involvement with the Cedar Grove location and the defendants grew. Holsen also testified to the fact that Hal was a quadriplegic however did use a cell phone to communicate via Facebook and text messaging by using his bottom lip with limited use of his hands.

Holsen was a key witness for the prosecutors due to her testimony linking Hall to the Cedar Grove home where majority of the drug activity occurred.

"At one point I was using too much of my own product," said Holsen. Alluding to the time when she was getting close to three ounces a week, with a value of around $2,800 an ounce. Over the course of a two month period, prosecuting attorney, Annette Williams addressed a speculative dollar amount that Holsen would have brought in for the Cedar Grove ring, at around $36,000 and close to 18 ounces of meth.

Holsen also testified to multiple firearms that she has seen in the Cedar Grove residence, including multiple AK-47s, several pistols, including a 9 mm, a .40, along with a .22 rifle, with tactical attachments.

Phone numbers of the three defendants were also brought into question, with the name "no-legs" appearing in Holsen's phone on the night she was arrested.

Holsen went on to detail other areas that she would meet with Hall for drugs around the Hattiesburg area, including; McDonalds, Shell gas station, along with multiple other gas stations, and generally would receive a half an ounce, or an 8-ball of meth between February and April of 2012. During Holsen's testimony she also detailed her knowledge of each of the defendants and how she knew them, and how they were connected to the Cedar Grove residence.

On cross examination of Holsen, she was asked to mimic the method that she stated Hall used his phone. Her Response... It' hard… and I can't do it.

When questioned of her four year sentence in prison, she stated that prison is good, and that it actually is not hard. She stated she does well in there. Her cooperation in the case will reduce her sentence by two years, according to her testimony.

The third witness to take the stand was Chance Graves. Graves described his involvement to the Cedar Grove area and the eight to 12 times he went there with Holsen to obtain meth.

Graves also mentioned multiple places in Hattiesburg where he and Holsen met Hall to obtain meth. Graves also detailed his knowledge of the defendants and how he knew each of them.

The fourth witness called by the government was Melvin Fairman, a/k/a-Dog Man. Fairman handled seven to eight fighting pit bulls that belonged to Hall. For his services, he was often paid in ice(meth) and coke(cocaine) according to his testimony. Fairman also detailed his knowledge of the three defendants along with their connection to one another and Cedar Grove, as well as other locations linked to the trial.

Fairman also noted that Hall could use his mouth and lip to text and use facebook to communicate.

When questioned about things he (Fairman) saw at the Cedar Grove residence, where he stayed from time to time, he replied with about two pounds of packaged dope. Along with he stated during testimony he assumed that the main source of income of Hall, was from dogs and ice.

The final witness of the day was Stephanie Cliburn, 27, who linked herself to Hall by stating she "got a lot of 8-balls from Toto".

Cliburn's testimony detailed that she was visiting the Cedar Grove residence sometimes two times a day, two to four times a week receiving an 8-ball each time, and sometimes more than one for about a four month time frame. Prosecutor Williams speculated that Cliburn received close to 48 8-balls from Cedar Grove.

Cliburn also established Hall as the leader of the Cedar Grove organization along with detailing the rolls the other defendants played in connection with Hall.

During cross examination, Cliburn was questioned about Hitman Jones being a father to one of her three children. She stated that she had no ill will, nor anger against him, and that was not used as grounds for her to testify in the trial.

Testimony is expected to continue Wednesday starting at 9:00 a.m. as the prosecution will call their sixth witness to the stand.