Knife confiscated from South Jones third grader; school officials allegedly failed to notify parents

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - According to a mother of a South Jones Elementary second grader, her child was allegedly approached in the school bathroom by a third grader who asked "which side of the knife he wanted him to use."

School officials allegedly failed to notify the parents of the child who was allegedly threatened.

Amanda Pepper said her son went to the bathroom and another child pulled a knife out on him. Pepper said that her son ran out of the bathroom and told his teachers what happened.

"The teachers then went from there into a meeting with the other child's parents," Pepper said. "My child was involved in the meeting without me there."

Pepper said they were all at the dinner table Monday night when their son told his parents what happened.

Pepper called the principal's office Tuesday morning about the incident.

"They told me that it was late in the day and that they didn't have time to call me, but if they had time to call the other child's parents they should have had time to call me as well," Pepper said.

Superintendent Tommy Parker said he does not know why the parents were not contacted after the incident, but the knife was confiscated on Monday from the third grader and disciplinary action is being taken.

"It's hurtful to know the school didn't call me to say something this serious happened to my child," Pepper said.

Parker is working with the Pepper family to find answers for the situation, and the case has been sent to the youth court, according to Pepper.

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