Divine Intervention: Community's prayer helps solve a burglary

MARION COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The South Little River Community of Marion County has been hit hard with burglaries and armed robberies, so residents took to God for a solution.

Two weeks ago, a members from the community gathered to pray for God's help in the sting of burglaries.

The community consists of about 80 to 100 residents that have said they are afraid for the safety of their valuables as well as their lives. Thus far, 10-15 homes in the community have been vandalized, and residents said they have had enough.

During the prayer, the community members noticed the house they were praying in was getting burglarized. The group was able to catch and hold two of the four alleged burglars until the police arrived.

The Marion County Sheriff's Department has only arrested one man, James Willis Jr., on one count of burglary while several others are still under investigation.

"We basically know who they are, we reported it and all we're asking is that justice be served and that these individuals be picked up, because they're not going to stop apparently until somebody gets hurt," said Angela Lott, one of the community members who prayed over the burglaries.

During Lott's interview about the arrest, she returned home Monday afternoon to notice that her home had just been burglarized.

Items stolen from Lott's home were all major appliances including a refrigerator, a washer and dryer, two air conditioning units and a vehicle.

Marion County Sheriffs were called to the scene and are currently questioning an individual that may know further information.

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