Coffee lovers celebrate National Coffee Day

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Coffee lovers across the country can enjoy an extra cup of joe today in celebration of National Coffee Day.

"I need about two cups in the morning to get things going and then maybe another one in the afternoon, depending on the day," said one Hattiesburg resident.

At least half of American adults drink coffee everyday, consuming 1.6 cups on average. When it comes to getting their daily dose of caffeine, folks have plenty to choose from. Coffee shops offer everything from plain black brews to frozen concoctions. Studies show that 35 percent of coffee drinkers prefer their coffee black, while 65 percent sweeten it with cream and/or sugar.

The welcoming atmosphere and friendly employees are what keep 24000 coffee shops in business across the nation.

"We know their names, most of the regulars," said Cesar Potenza, owner of Java Werks in Hattiesburg. "I believe what I like most about this business is the satisfaction I get when customers are happy when they leave."

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