Hattiesburg to begin fire hydrant testing

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg Fire Department will begin testing of the cities fire hydrants Wednesday and will continue through the end of November.

The testing is done each year to ensure all the cities hydrants are working properly and it is necessary so the department can maintain their fire rating. Each hydrant will be tested for correct water pressure and gallons per minute. Residents and businesses may notice a slight discoloration in the water during the time if the test,

The department will be contacting some businesses prior to testing.

"People need to know like some local cleaners and laundromats,"said Paul Presley, Hattiesburg Fire Chief. " We're going to let them know in advance we are to test the hydrants. That way it doesn't affect their business."

If a discoloration is noticed in the water, let the tap run until it clears up.

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