Former Camp Shelby Youth Challenge Cadet's bond set


One of five former cadets from the Camp Shelby Youth ChallengeProgram charged with burglary after a weekend incident is now facing a $10,000bond.

Brandon Langley, 18, appeared before Judge Gay Polk-Payton duringhis initial appearance Wednesday. State officials requested that Langley not trespasson Forrest Agricultural High School property, where the alleged crime occurred,and the South Forrest Attendance Center as well.

Over the weekend, 27 cadets walked off from the Youth ChallengeProgram, most were recovered relatively quickly, and all were accounted for byMonday. However, Langley, and four other juveniles were removed from theprogram after the alleged criminal activity occurred.

The investigation is still ongoing at this time.

The volunteer military-based training and education programfocuses on personal development through different avenues, and also givesstudents a chance to earn their GED.

Camp Shelby officials stated it (walk-offs) has not been an issuein the past, but that people everywhere are going to test their limits, andthat's no different here, it's just more visible under the circumstances.Officials also stated that they do often work with the sheriff's department,and after a cadet is missing for 30 minutes, authorities are notified.

When asked why authorities are notified, if the program isstrictly a volunteer basis, Camp Shelby officials stated that it is their duediligence to notify authorities since they (Camp Shelby) have acceptedresponsibility for the cadets well being.

At any point cadets have the ability to leave the volunteerprogram, however cadets under the age of 18 either have to sign out, or have aparent sign them out, with the proper people being notified.