USM Professor: U.S. attacks in Syria part of "generational war"

Dr. Andrew Wiest
Dr. Andrew Wiest

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A professor of history at the University of Southern Mississippi said Tuesday that U.S. air strikes against Sunni militants in Syria is part of a "generational war" that has been going on for decades and probably won't end anytime soon.

"Historically speaking, this war is going to be, in my estimation, more generational in nature than anything else," said Dr. Andrew Wiest.

For the first time Tuesday, the U.S. and its allies launched air and sea attacks against ISIS fighters in Syria. The attacks included eight air strikes targeting the Khorasan Group, a little-known, al-Qaida-affiliated organization in the town of Aleppo.

Wiest said the beginnings of the current Middle East conflict date back at least as far as the end of World War I, when the modern states of Syria and Iraq were created.

And he's concerned the conflict will be long-lasting.

"I fear my children will still be involved in the prosecution of this war," he said.

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