Noisemaker rule silences local high school stadiums

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Oak Grove High School was one of many high schools in the state that were notified that a long lasting rule would now be enforced.

Many schools around the state are forbidden to bring cowbells, or other noise makers to sporting events.

The Mississippi High School Activities Association Associate Director Rickey Neaves said that the enforcement is due to rising distractions.

The MHSAA handbook states, "Artificial noisemakers, such as but not limited to, air horns, bull horns with sirens, and vuvuzela horns are not allowed at any MHSAA event."

Students, staff, and the Oak Grove community members have voiced their disappointments over the newly enforced artificial noisemakers ban.

Cowbells have always been a Warrior tradition, according to school officials. Members of the student section said that they will continue to make noise and cheer anyway that they can.

Students experienced the first game without cowbells Friday, and said they felt that the experience of the game just wasn't the same.

"It's sad because it brought a lot of energy to the game and pumped us all up, but our student section is still as loud as they have been before, so it's really cool that they can be loud without the cowbells," said Drew Burnham, Oak Grove long snapper

Oak Grove staff believes that they have one of the best student sections in the state. They want the students to know that they appreciate how they support their team.

"I'm so proud of them. Everyone's disappointed and it took the breath out of us a little bit as a student body, as a school, as a community," said Helen prince, Oak Grove Principal.

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