Hattiesburg Police release traffic report for new game day parking rules

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Hattiesburg Police Department safely enforced their traffic and safety rules for game day at USM.

Due to the high volume of visitors for USM's first home game, HPD put out more signs and strictly enforced the no parking rule on the shoulder areas around Highway 49 and Hardy Street.

"The first home game we did have a very large crowd, and we had more people parking on the shoulder where the no parking signs were," said Lt. Jon Traxler. "We had several incidents where several people almost got hit by vehicles trying to step out of cars, or pull back on the highway and so we're just trying to put it back out to the public to remind them that there is no parking on the shoulders or road."

Traxler said there were few citations with the new traffic rules.

"They did real good this weekend. We did have to tow a couple of cars but I think everyone realized with the signs that were out, the big flashing sign as well, advising people not to park on the shoulder," said Traxler.

Lt. Traxler also said only a few cars had to be towed for the game, but the same rules will still be enforced for upcoming games, including homecoming scheduled for November 8.

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