Hattiesburg Police K-9 laid to rest

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A police k-9 is part of an exclusive and unique group of law enforcement professionals that put their life on the line everyday for their officer.

Today the Hattiesburg police department laid one of its own to rest.

"For those of you that have never worked a dog before, it's a very special bond, our partners look to us for  food, water, they look to us for training, they look to us for love and affection," said Sgt. Robert Sybert.

Tomi has been a member of the department for six years, and died unexpectedly during a surgical procedure. He is laid to rest under the watch of Officer Benjamin Dean.

"You look at him for things we can't do, when its dark out, and you have to go in a building and you can't see things, your partners senses compliment your own, he can smell out your enemy , he can see better than you, and he can definitely run faster than most of us," said Sybert.

During the service Tomi was remembered for the number of arrests he helped with, along with always offering another line of defense for his handler.

"Tomi will be truly missed by the Hattiesburg police departments command staff, operations division, k-9 squad, but none of us will miss him as much as his handler officer dean," said Stefon Richardson.

When a police dog is laid to rest the service closes with the Police K-9 Prayer.

"If we should meet on another street, I will gladly take up your fight I am the police working k-9, together we are guardians of the night," said Sybert.

Members of the department also expressed their gratitude to the people who made the service possible, along with helping with the cost of the service.