Family Education Centre reaches out to community, educates scholars

There are many hidden treasures scattered across South Mississippi, and one of them is The Family Education Centre.

Life gets busy, so naturally it's easy to overlook some of our community's best kept secrets. One of those places is The Family Education Center. They're holding a free G.E.D. practice test workshop on September 22-October 1. It's usually around $24.

Right now they're prepping adults young and old for the G.E.D. It's run by a group of men and women who dedicate their lives to molding minds. It's free and open to anyone who needs a boost.

"It's all done on an individual basis with myself and the other instructors actually one on one instructing students," said Mik Davis, co-instructor.

And he really instructs his students. To the fullest. As soon as we walked through the doors, Davis was busy working math problems with one gentleman.

While Mik and his colleagues spend the day teaching others, they, in turn, learn a thing or two.

'I was not good in math when I was in school and through teaching I have learned how to do math," said Kathy Nevels, co-instructor.

"I get from it that most of the people that come in here are the underdogs, and I guess my whole life I've always sided with those folks," Davis added.

Kathy reflects on a time when a parent noted Mik's dedication to scholars.

"That parent approached me at a graduation ceremony and told me Mik saved my son's life."

That came from the parent of a man who ended up going to college, leaving negative influences behind.

The Family Education Centre relies on community support, and say volunteers are always welcome.

Call 601-582-5064 to register.