WDAM employee snags Surge case before it sells out

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Thomas Monroe loves Surge.

In fact, he loves it so much that he paid $21 with overnight shipping just to get his hands on 12 cans of the nostalgic 90's carbonated drink.


"Because it's good," said Monroe.

In 2002, Coke stopped making the popular citrus drink. According to Monroe, a knock off called Vault was also released, but it tanked in 2011.

"It's the best drink of my life and they took it away from me," said Monroe. "I liked the Surge Movement Facebook page, and over time people listened. Coke flew in the Facebook page creators to make the announcement that they were bringing it back."

Obviously, 90's babies everywhere had their cries heard. Coke released a limited amount of cases to Amazon.com, which sold out in a day. Monroe was one of the few to snag some of the soda.

"I think what they are doing right now is to test the profitability and demand of the soda," said Monroe. "Coke said they had no intention of bringing it back, and now they are testing the waters to see if there is actually a market for it. There might be a chance it comes back, but this is probably just a test."

According to Monroe, the test may just have worked. The soda is currently sold out, but another batch will be available on Amazon at $14 a case. Those cases wont be available until September 27.

Although $14 may seem steep for twelve 16 ounce cans of a cold drink, Monroe said that it's a cheaper option compared to the knock-off that has been available since Surge's 12-year hiatus.

"It's well worth it. A version of this soda is in Norway called Urge," said Monroe. "In order to ship that here, it takes a month and it costs $50 for two bottles. The Amazon price is a small price to pay for the real deal."

According to Monroe, a price tag can't dissuade him from the way Surge makes him feel.

"Surge has that one little kick that no other citrus soda has," said Monroe. "It reminds me of good times."

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