Two alleged killers receive $1,000,000 bond each for death of 20-year-old

28-year-old Pedro Alvarez and 25-year-old V'nell Miskel are charged with the murder of 20-year-old Johnnie Cooper. The two alleged killers are a brother duo, and their bonds were set by Judge Jerry Evans on Monday for $1,000,000 each.

Proceedings at the initial appearances were everything but typical. The youngest, V'nell made outbursts during court proceedings at HPD, landing him in the hallway with a guard outside of the courtroom for a few minutes.

As the two men were escorted outside of the court room, they both yelled "we need to protest! We're innocent! We didn't kill that boy... He was our friend!"

Family and friends of the alleged killers looked on as the inmates climbed into the police van before heading to the Forrest County Jail.

V'nell made a last ditch attempt to speak to Seven on your Side from the inside of the police van before Lt. John Traxler stepped in, telling V'nell if he tried sitting in another seat, he'd be charged with attempted escape.

Johnnie Cooper was found shot to death in a drainage ditch last week at the Timberton Softball Complex.

He was found submerged in water in a ditch at the complex by Hattiesburg city workers Thursday. He had been shot several times. The investigation is ongoing.