Joe's Viewpoint: 9/11 hoax story

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - In today's viewpoint I would like to talk about the hoax that circulated last week concerning a 9/11 attack on Lamar County schools. It is very concerning in today's world how an illegitimate story from an untrustworthy source can permeate our community so quickly. It appears to have originated from a website out of Colorado called before-its-news-dot-com and from there the story got picked up on social media and went viral. Think about the time our local school administrators spent along with local law enforcement vetting and then debunking this hoax. I must tell you, this happens every day in our newsroom. Just ask anyone who works on WDAM news stories about the time spent running down rumors. The trouble with social media today is there is no verifier watching what is said across millions of accounts, helping to proclaim what is real and not real. It has to start with us, the individual, before we share a rumor. We must be our own verifiers of information. Social media has brought about so many communication opportunities, but like many technologies also a need for more personal responsibility.

This is today's viewpoint.