Republicans of Jones County: “We are not a Tea Party group”

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A newly formed group of concerned Republican voters known as Republicans of Jones County have issued a statement after a Mississippi conservative blog stated they requested/demanded four state elected officials and the state's GOP chairman to appear before them to explain themselves.

The group sent out a press release Monday clarifying a few things noted by the blog. In five bullet points the Republicans of Jones County stated things such as 'We are not a Tea Party group' and 'We did not demand a meeting' like Y'all Politics stated.

The group of concerned Republicans said they extended a formal invitation to the state elected officials on August 22 requesting them to answer certain questions such as: do you condone party raiding and do you agree with recruiting Democrat voters into the Republican Primary.

Y'all Politics also posted the groups press release with a headline "Republicans of Jones County claim not to be Tea Party, McDaniel related yet hard to ignore proof".

In the release, the group clarifies that they are not a 'thinly veiled ruse of Chris McDaniel supporters' like the blog stated.

The group said the event is only to help the Republicans of Jones County understand how MSGOP leaders view the events surrounding the June 24 Senate Primary runoff and how they think Republicans should move forward.

We reached out to the group but no one wanted to speak publicly on camera. According to them, Governor Phil Bryant, Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves and Joe Nosef have accepted the invitation, though the exact date to the public forum is pending due to the current Senate litigation.

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