Local family scrambling to figure out power bill

The Carter family owns and operates a chicken coup in the Sunrise Community, and they're panicking to find out how to pay for an electric bill for what they said costs over $60,000.

They said they paid their electricity bill on time until they began receiving bills for negative amounts from Dixie Electric Power Company.

Greg Carter said he called the company several times over a span of about 3 years.

"They said, "'Mr. Carter, I guess they might've overcharged you and they might be giving you credit back."'

"They consider me a not-so-smart chicken farmer, I guess," Carter said.

Now the Carter family is trying to find out where to start. They hired an attorney, and they have six mouths to feed.

"They're a multi-million dollar power company and they should know what they're doing," Carter said.

"I think they should've caught this within the first month. Why does it go from 2800 a month to -180?"

He doesn't think they should have to pay for something they tried to fix.

Dixie Electric's response to the situation:

"Dixie Electric will not discuss a specific members' account without their expressed permission to do so; however, we have been working with the member to resolve this situation."