New health clinic for city employees

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - City of Hattiesburg employees will soon have the ability to use a health clinic that is exclusive to them.

Those who work for the city of Hattiesburg and their dependants are the only people allowed to use this new health clinic on West Fourth Street in Hattiesburg.

"The facility will provide acute treatments such as sinus infections, common colds, flu, sprains, employee's physicals, and school physicals. In addition, it will provide chronic dieses processes like diabetes, hyper retention, and hyper epidemia," said Sherri Henry, Nurse Practitioner

The health clinic will be staffed with a nurse practitioner, a med technician, and a receptionist. It includes two examine rooms, a triage room, and a lab.

"There was a lot of people that went through a lot of love if you will to make this happen. It's really what can happen when everyone works together," said Johnny DuPree, Mayor of Hattiesburg

Mayor DuPree also said the city of Hattiesburg contracted out to the Medical Analysis Corporation and the new health facility is included in the budget.

"Hopefully what this is going to mean is that it is going to have a reduction in the cost of health care for the city of Hattiesburg. Then we will have money to do other things with," said Johnny DuPree, Mayor of Hattiesburg

City employees will not have a co-payment when visiting the clinic and will get all necessary medicine at cost.

"It's eighty-five dollars that stays in his pocket from cheaper medicine costs and forty dollars that stays from no copayment. That a one hundred and twenty-five dollars that he saves all together in one visit," Johnny DuPree, Mayor of Hattiesburg

City officials hope this will create a domino effect. No copayment means more visits sooner, receiving medicine at cost, therefore less sickness will spread, and all in all there will be less days taken off due to health problems.

Doors open Monday morning at 8 am. on September 8.  Followed by a ribbon cutting on Tuesday September 9, 2014.