McDaniel files appeal to Supreme Court

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Chris McDaniel is appealing his election lawsuit to the State Supreme Court.

Circuit Court Judge Hollis McGehee dismissed McDaniel's challenge of the runoff loss to Sen. Thad Cochran because McDaniel missed the deadline to file suit.

Cochran's Spokesperson Jordan Russell said McDaniel's lawsuit is a charade.

"The ruling of the judge was correct. Chris McDaniel clearly missed the filing deadline and we believe the Supreme Court will agree with the judge's finding. But whether or not a file is challenged on time, the challenge itself is totally baseless," Russell said.

Russell said whether voters chose McDaniel or Cochran, there is one important thing to remember for the general election Nov. 4.

"Republican voters in Mississippi know the important thing is to keep the seat in Republican hands and make sure that Harry Reid no longer controls the United States Senate," Russell said.

Cochran will face Democratic candidate Travis Childers, but according to McDaniel's Spokesperson, it's looking like the McDaniel campaign will fight until the bitter end.

The appeal is necessary because we are going to win the case just as we won the mass majority of votes- Republican votes, on June 24.

The merit of the case will show that Chris McDaniel should be the nominee.

Cochran's Spokesman Jordan Russell says Cochran has been on the campaign trail across the state, gathering support for the general election Nov. 4.