McDaniel camp leaves media, public in the dark

September 2 Facebook post
September 2 Facebook post
September 1 tweet
September 1 tweet
Sojourner's Facebook post
Sojourner's Facebook post

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - It has been nearly one week since special appointed Judge Hollis McGehee announced that he dismissed Chris McDaniel's election challenge, but McDaniel and his team have remained silent.

They said after the judge's announcement they would hold a press conference on Tuesday.

That press conference was set to announce McDaniel's decision on whether to appeal the judge's decision to the Mississippi Supreme Court. No time or location was given, then it was pushed back to Wednesday.

48 hours have passed since the original date of the presser, and there's still no word from McDaniel.

Noel Fritsch, McDaniel's communication spokesperson, said early Wednesday that he would let us know when and where McDaniel would announce his decision. A call was made to Fritsch shortly after 12 p.m., which was sent to his voicemail that was too full to record a message. That call was never returned, and another text message was sent at 2:45 Wednesday afternoon asking for an update.

"It's coming," Fritsch replied via text message. When asked for an estimated time, Fritsch said "definite decision today."

There was no definite decision Wednesday, and McDaniel and his team once again left the media and his supporters, in the dark.

Meanwhile, McDaniel's campaign manager Melanie Sojourner posted a Facebook status that did all but endorse Democratic nominee Travis Childers.

"Their (sic) is only one vote you can cast in an effort to defeat Thad.... only one. Everything else is in fact a vote supporting him," Sojourner posted.

To be fair, she did not tell voters to cast their vote for Childers. However, the insinuation would be the exact same thing that McDaniel has condemned since the June 24 primary: voting for a candidate that you did not intend to support from the start, simply known as crossover voting.

Although the McDaniel campaign has not announced their decision, or announced when they will announce, they, too, have been vocal on social media about what's to come.

"Change is coming, but we need your help," was a September 1 post on McDaniel's Twitter and Facebook pages, followed by the hashtag #McGOP.

Another Facebook post was made Tuesday night, the day before McDaniel was set to announce his appeal decision. That post said, "To appeal or not appeal, that is the question."

The team is active on social media but has not made themselves available to answer questions.

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