Petal pharmacist and law enforcement speak out about new Hydrocodone law

On October 6, 2014, the process of receiving a prescription for Hydrocodone will be more difficult than usual for patients.

"Hydrocodone-containing products are just about always the number one pain prescription prescribed," Brent Lindley, Pharmacist, said.

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, Hydrocodone combination products will go from schedule III, to the more-restrictive schedule II.

"It's gonna mean a lot more paperwork for pharmacists, for docs it's gonna be very inconvenient, but we will abide by the law," Lindley added.

"By making this move, the DEA hopes to mitigate that ease of access to appropriate medications, and hopefully save lives."

One law official has a different perspective.

"I believe the new regulation will make my job easier," said Mitch Nobles, officer for the Petal Police Department and Petal Schools.

"It's sad to see to see people that really truly have problems, like a back problem, and it's so easy to become addicted to it, ya know? And it's not just people out there pushing pills, trying to get pills, it's people that's truly have injuries that are getting addicted to these type of narcotics."