Taylorsville's Juwon Hayes-Keyes named player of the week

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Taylorsville High School's Juwon Hayes-Keyes was presented with an Academy Player of the Week award for his performance in Friday night's football game.

The Tartars beat the Hazlehurst Indians 51-12 Friday, and of the eight touchdowns scored by Taylorsville, the newly appointed quarterback accounted for six of them.

"I just want to thank my line for blocking for me and thank the great athletes that I have around me that create opportunities for me to succeed and thank my coaches for putting me in a spot to succeed," Hayes-Keyes said.

Taylorsville Head Coach Matt Caldwell said that Hayes-Keyes has taken on the role of quarterback well, and his humility is just part of his everyday demeanor.

Coach Caldwell said, "He's a great leader for our football team, and he had all of those intangibles you want a quarterback to have."

Hayes-Keyes shows team unity in his actions understands that football isn't about one player, but it's about a team, according to Coach Caldwell.

"I'm especially proud of my guys Friday,' Hayes-Keyes said. "I wouldn't even dream this. I just want to thank my line again and my teammates."

The Tartars are proud of the accomplishment and having an Academy Player of the Week award.

"It feels good. It gives out whole-team recognition. Any type of award like that is a team award, especially in football because nobody does it by themselves in this game," Coach Caldwell said.