Internet program helpful in Jones County missing person search

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Thanks to help from different Jones County agencies, a resident who had been missing for more than 24 hours was finally located Monday. Along with volunteers, a certain program also assisted in finding the woman.

For nearly four hours, dozens of volunteers and search and rescue teams searched for Ashley Clark on Labor Day. It was efforts made by them along with a piece of technology that helped locate the 30-year-old. During the search the Jones County Emergency Management Agency would receive the location of evidence found. Rescue teams were able to get the coordinates by using the compass that's located on their phone.

"They would come up on an article of clothing of hers, another screen shot is made and the GPS coordinates are sent and that showed us and the team that she was traveling in a northward direction," said Jones County Emergency Management Agency Director Marta Tullos. 

After receiving the coordinates, the team would enter them into Google Earth. This information program is something available to everyone and has been utilized by the agency since 2010. 

"Technology like that really helps out and having a good search leading them in the right direction," said Tullos.

While many use this program to locate an address, the agency has used it for missing persons, flooding incidents and even standoffs.

"It's been successful in the past and like I said any resource that helps that speeds up a search we will certainly use," said Tullos.

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